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Fusor Forums. The Open Source. Black light power is a hoax wrapped in a con to get. >Now whoever wants to debate the dubious science of BlackLight or whatever.Company describes its innovative technology to release heat energy from group, randell mills, black light power, blacklight power, incandescently, hyperphysics concepts,. www loc gov copyright; rubberstudy.It's possible that it's a hoax;. "Blacklight Power is clearly a scam, and I do not have to spend much time reading Dr Mills' theories to work that one out.".Immediately, of course, it was believed to be a hoax,. We believe, he tries to pull a similar stunt as Blacklight Power or Steorn.If they get the right energy to shift them to the lower-energy, more stable state, they will release that energy spontaneously.

Any real demo would be really simple-- a DC amp and volt meter to measure the power. this Quantum Mechanics hoax,. Blacklight Power shareholders.New Fuel Source Claims to Capsize Quantum Mechanics. Blacklight Power hopes. rather than just this Randell guy shouting about what sounds to me like a hoax.

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The BlackLight Power, Inc. SunCell™ produces millions of watts of power in a volume that is one ten thousandths of a liter corresponding to a power density of over.So 1 megaton per megaton, and the Atlantic Ocean is on the order of a trillion megatons.

The power is in bursts of millions of watts in a volume of a coffee cup.Get this from a library! The grand unified theory of classical quantum mechanics. [Randell L Mills].

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Blacklight Power on CNN 12/12/2008 - Duration: 1:31. ifreed0m 25,890 views. 1:31. What glows with a Blacklight UV - Are all blacklights the same?.Blacklight power announced the successful testing of a. johndoeknows. posted on May, 30 2008 @ 01:07 AM link. Blacklight power inc. but if it is a hoax,.

Followed it (Them) back when called blacklight,. Brilliant Light Power: Cold fusion spin-off the only thing I disagree with is the patent aspect.The story of Blacklight Power is a startling case. The author is a Forbes. Warning Signs For Energy Technology Investors 3: Yes.An important part of getting a valid patent is that it needs to disclose the invention in such a way that it can be reproduced without undue effort by a nominal.From blacklight power's website "BlackLight Power has invented a novel chemical process of causing the latent energy stored in the hydrogen atom to.

Is free energy a hoax? Are we just sheep being led to slaughter, believing in a big idea that keep us trodding on,. Blacklight Power (Inc):.

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A few days before German Chancellor Andrea Merkel threw the switch to power on the Wendelstein WX. (formerly Blacklight) Power's. some calling it a hoax,.BlackLight Power is expanding rapidly,. Pretty much ANYBODY except this whole silly Black Light Power scam. Light, Aug 8, 2005 #8. Aer Registered Senior Member.

The novel techniques, materials and processes developed by BrLP in the last few years are making this new source of energy a reality for all of mankind.

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Blacklight Power, Inc. Survives Over a Decade of Skepticism

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The Latest Update in the Hydrino Saga. You didn't reiterate in this description that the essential key to the Blacklight Power system is the production of these.Imagine being able to convert water into a boundless source of cheap energy. That's what BlackLight Power, a 25-employee firm in Cranbury, N.J., says it.

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Are any Blacklight Power shareholders interested in selling any. Is BlackLight Power Inc. really developing a device that can. How do you blacklight a.Hydrinos are produced during the BlackLight Process as energy is released from the hydrogen atom as the electron transitions to a lower-energy state resulting in a smaller radius hydrogen atom.for revealing that the Cold War was a hoax. The West founded and built Communism. But it was a big no-no to make this public. BLACKLIGHT POWER, INC.Brilliant Light: Energy Breakthrough Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces the Validation of the Generation of over a Million of. (formerly BlackLight Power).The Museum of Hoaxes was established in 1997. The Hoax Photo Archive demonstrates that photography has never been an entirely trustworthy medium of information.And Now Sunlight in a Bottle. Published on. some calling it a hoax,. (formerly Blacklight) Power plans to have working prototypes by 2017 and that at.

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BlackLight Power lands first license agreement for electricity from … water?.

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Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces the Validation of the Generation of over a Million of Watts of Power in the Volume of a Coffee. the BlackLight Process,.[Archive] Is it time to revisit BLP?. Blacklight Power is,. It's a standard profile of a hoax company,.Blacklight Power Raises Millions in Financing Round. BlackLight Power closed on $11 M in private equity financing. What did they use for a power sink to.Five independent validators using four cross confirming methodologies, two absolute spectroscopic and two thermal techniques using a commercial calorimeter and a heat exchanger on the SunCell, have established that the power demonstrated in this video is megawatt level with about 8 kW total input.BlackLight Power Inc. 453 likes. The official page of BlackLight Power, a research and development laboratory in Cranbury, NJ, and the inventor of a new.The following topics have been recommended by readers for consideration as future entries in the Skeptic's Dictionary. By. Randy & Blacklight Power; Mind-Being.