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Bill Gates, pe primul loc in topul castigurilor. Cu cat au crescut averile bogatilor lumii in 2013.61 quotes from Bill Gates:. “Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” ― Bill Gates.

Bill Gates — ‘Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.’.Bill Gates denies that he said this. Back in 1981, 640KB of memory was more than enough for the applications available at that time.

On Tuesday Bill Gates went to his favorite fast food location, the Burger Master. After recieving his order he found that he had no cash.Bill Gates: 'Robots that take jobs should be taxed just like the people they replace' Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks governments should impose something akin.Filter bubbles are a serious problem with news, says. so you’re not mixing and sharing and understanding other points of view,” said Bill Gates in a recent.

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Bill Gates este suspectat de mulţi oameni că este un. Oamenii vor comenta în timp real pe site-uri în timp ce un eveniment sportiv are loc. De.However, perhaps common sense should guide anyone who thinks this one might be true.640 kB [ This text is also available in Swedish ] In 1981, Bill Gates said that "640 k ought to be enough for anyone" Here's the background: For quite some time, a PC.In 1981, when the IBM PC was introduced, Bill Gates supposedly said that 640KB of memory "ought to be enough for anybody." The quote has followed him through the.

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Get this from a library! Bill Gates: a twentieth-century life. [Marc Aronson] -- When Bill Gates was born in 1955, no one owned a personal computer. Gates envisioned.

drive bill gates and the making of the microsoft empire book will probably make you feel curious. This is a very reasonable book that should be read.

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The 640K quote won't go away for Gates as he puts in his last hours at Microsoft before retirement.

Bill Gates: "I never said '640K. I read in a newspaper that in 1981 you said, ``640K should >be enough for anybody.''. the 640Kb limit has nothing to do with BG.Bill Gates Looks to Reinvent the Toilet. It should read "Bill Gates looks to give money to people to. the quote was changed to 640KB ought to be enough.

Bill Gates: "I never said '640K shou. The Turtle: Feb 11, 1996 12:00 AM:. >Except, of course, the 640Kb limit has nothing to do with BG or MS.Bill Gates, 1989. We will never make a 32-bit operating system. Bill Gates is often mocked for supposedly saying “640KB ought to be enough for anybody.I remember vividly from old Pc Magazines and other medias a quote from Bill Gates about his IBM PC with intel 8088. Here's the legend: at a.

The Resource Who is Bill Gates?, by Patricia Brennan Demuth; illustrated by Ted Hammond.When did Bill Gates say that the Internet was just a passing fad.Cofondatorul Microsoft, Bill Gates, ocupa prima pozitie a Forbes 400 pentru al 24-lea an consecutiv gratie unei averi de 89 miliarde de dolari, urmat de fondatorul si.Bill Gates infamously said in 1981 that "640kb of RAM would be enough for anything. Bill Gates infamously said in 1981 that "640kb of RAM would be enough for anything".Join Facebook to connect with Gábor Knizner and others you may know. 640KB-nak elégnek kell lennie bárki számára. (Bill Gates 1981).