B32926C3475M B32926C3475M SuppressionFilm Capacitors 4.7uF 305volts 20% X2 ROHS EPCOS 7.NJM2904M NJR NJM2904M-TE3 NJRC 221-00000004 DUAL OP-AMP, 7000 uV OFFSET-MAX, 0.2 MHzBAND WIDTH, PDSO8 JRC 19.DTSA-65K-V DTSA-65K-V Switch TactileON OFF SPST Round ButtonPC Pins 0.05A 12VDC 0.98N Thru-Hole Bag RoHS DIPTRONICS 450.SN74ALS86N SN74ALS86N Texas Instruments IC XOR (Exclusive OR) IC 4 Channel 14-PDIP TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS 245.K222K15X7RH5TH5 2200PF 100V X7R 10% - Radial Dipped Ceramic Capacitor BC-COMPONENTS 1990.ADR02ARZ ADR02ARZ IC V-Ref Precision 5V 10mA 8-Pin SOIC RoHS ANALOG-DEVICES 378.Heat resistant design suitable for surface mounting The housing is made of heat resistant plastic to allow reflow soldering.C2012X7R1E474KTOYON TDK C2012X7R1E474KTOYON Ceramic Capacitor SMD Cer-Capacitor 25V U47 4Kpcs per reel TDK 40000.

SI2302-TP SI2302-TP TRANS MOSFET N-CH 20V 3A SOT-23 RoHS MCC 27000.RK73H2BT4533F KOA RK73H2BT4533F RESISTOR, 0.25 W, 1 %, 453000 ohm, SMD 1206 KOA 5000.As a ISO 9001:2008 distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.UPL1E182MHH6 NIC UPL1E182MHH6 Cap Aluminum 1800uF 25V 20% (16 X25mm) Radial 7.5mm 1780mA 5000 hr Bulk NICHICON 1325.

MAX1982EUT-T MAXIM MAX1982EUT-T Low-Voltage, Low-Dropout LinearRegulators with ExternalBias Supply MAXIM 100.IXGH50N90B2D1 IXGH50N90B2D1 IGBT 900V 75A 400W TO247AD RoHS IXYS 10.PC357N3T SHARP PC357N3T DC Input Transistor Output Optocoupler, Surface Mount, 4-PinMini-Flat SHARP 1500.DS90C031TM NSC DS90C031TM Line Transmitter 4TX 16-Pin MSOP NATIONAL-SEMI 1.

CC1206COG681K50LR CC1206COG681K50LR Capacitor 680pF 50V 10% SMD 1206 SURFCMNT 5500.TMS3705A1DRG4 TMS3705A1DRG4 IC RFID BASE STATION LF 8mA 5.5V 16SOIC ROHS TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS 240.RM30Z104M120.1uF 12V Z5U 20% DISC RADIAL CAP-CER AE-COMPONENTS 362.ADSP21262SKBCZ200 IC 32 Bit Floating Point Sharc DSP Controller 1.TPS77601PWP TPS77601PWP HTSSOP-20 Fast-Tran-Res 500-mA RoHS TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS 60.NTD3055L104G NTD3055L104G MOSFET 12A,60V,LL N-Ch,NTD3055L104G ROHS ON-SEMI 25.N80C188XL12 N80C188XL12 MPU Intel18616-Bit NMOS 12MHz 68-PinPLCC INTEL 17.

TC1411NEOA TC1411NEOA IC MOSFET DVR1A HS 8SOIC RoHS MICROCHIP 4.GMC21X5R106K6R3NT 10uf 6.3v 10% X5R 0805 surface Mount Capacit.LOB-3-.025.025 Ohms 3 Watts Metal Film IRC LOB3.025OHM 3W0.02 IRC 1000.CWS-CM-11580BT CWS-CM-11580BT IND CHOKE680uH 7A, COM MOD, 4P,THMT ROHS COIL-WINDING 60.EEC-S0HD224V.22uF 5.5V GOLD SD VERTICAL CAPACITORS PANASONIC 50.SCN-001T-P1.0 SCN-001T-P1.0 Connector:Terminal: RCP: 1: CRMP: THRU Tin-plated JST 480.HFA15PB60PBF HFA15PB60PBF DIODE HEXFRED 600V 15A TO247AC RoHS VISHAY 24.LQN6C470M04M00 MURATA LQN6C470M04M00 LQH55DN470M01 INDUCTOR 47uH0.8A SMD 2220 MURATA 650.GMC21X7R334K25NT.33uf 25v 10% X7R 0805 surface mount capacit.

MPE-F105K400 1.0uF 400V 10% MPE-F AXIAL OVAL LOW ESR POLYPROPYLENE CAP TAISHING 383.TB-EECH381V-10P 10 position dual tier vertical header 3.81mm sp.MFAS156-5 MFAS156-5 Conn UnshroudedHeader HDR 5 POS 3.96mmSolder RA Thru-Hole RoHS ITW 500.PME271Y415M RIFA PME271Y415M Cap 0.0015uF 250VAC 20% RIFA 145.HSMW-A100-T50J1 HSMW-A100-T50J1 LED Uni-Color White 2-Pin PLCC RoHS AVAGO 6010.

ARELP102M35V 16X16 1000UF 35V 20% 16x16 Radial electrolytic low.GRM155C71C105KE11D GRM155C71C105KE11D MURATACAPACITOR X7S 1.00UF 10%16.00V SMD 0402 RoHS MURATA 1000.MC33269D-3.3 MC33269D-3.3 MOTOROLA LDOVoltage Regulators 3.3VADJ 800mA MOTOROLA 148.

TB-ECHB381R-06P 6 position dual tier horizontal header flat 3.81m.UC2875DWP TI UC2875DWP Soft Switching PWM Controllers PhaseShift Resonant Controller TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS 16.DM19-2700P 2700pF 1000VDC DIPPED RADIAL SILVER MICA CAP ARCO 493.UUD1H220MCR1GS UUD1H220MCR1GS AluminumElectrolytic Capacitors -SMD 50volts 22uF 6.3x5.820% RoHS NICHICON 800.

MC74HC245AN ON-SEMI MC74HC245AN Bus XCVR Single 8-CH 3-ST 20-Pin PDIP ON-SEMI 342.EEE-1CS100SR EEE-1CS100SR CAP ELECT 10UF 16V VS SMD RoHS PANASONIC 50.A-80 U.S. Toyo Fan CorporationA-80 Finger Guard (For 80mm size fans) US-TOYO 43.

CRCW08051692F DALE CRCW08051692F RES 16.9K Ohm 1% Resistor VISHAY 10000.B32923E3225M B32923E3225M CAP 2.2uF 20% 305volts X2 Film Suppression Capacitors RoHS EPCOS 60.TP101-10 COMP-CORP TP101-10-T, RoHS, Single Hole, Printed Circuit Mounted Test Points COMP-CORP 430.IBS Electronics is an electronic components distributor offering semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power supplies, test and measurement equipment.R73QI1680ZBOOJ 6800pf 1Kv 5% film foil polypropylene cap. high.UWT1V3R3MCL2GB UWT1V3R3MCL2GB CAP 3.3UF35V ELECT WT SMD RoHS NICHICON 7045.CR251-05T100R CR251-05T100R RES 100R 5%1.1W 0309 RoHS YAGEO 5.FKP1-10NF-5%-630V WIMA FKP1-10NF-5%-630V 22.5mm SPACING WIMA 1170.GMC21X7R105K16NT 1uf 16v 10% X7R 0805 surface mount capacitor.

IBSFW6-4PIN CABLE FireWire 6-4PIN LL112842 FIREWIRE FW6-4PIN CABLE 5.EP1K30QC208-1N EP1K30QC208-1N ALTERA Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA - ACEX 1K 216 LABs147 IOs ROHS ALTERA 1.

CSTCC4M00G53-R0 CSTCC4M00G53-R0 Ceramic Resonators, SMD 4.00 MHZ 0.5% RoHS MURATA 500.ECJ3YF1A106Z PAN ECJ-3YF1A106Z Capacitor, Ceramic, 10uf, 10V, 80%, Y5V SMD 1206 PANASONIC 2000.DP8473V NSC DP8473V DP8473 FloppyDisk Controller PLUS-2 NSC 10.CCR05CG431GR CCR05CG431GR Cap 430pF 100VDC C0G 2% RDL 5.08mm 0.0.01 KEMET 6.Application: Television and VCRsets, telephone, electronics.LGU2G101MELA LGU2G101MELA Cap 100uF 400VDC 20% 25 X 25mm Snap-In 10mm 700mA 3000 hr RoHS NICHICON 250.