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Scarlet Fever by Months for the Entire State, Urban and Rural Districts for Three.The water company shall see that proper receptacles for sewage are pro-.The district is served by a combined sewer, five and five-tenths feet in diameter.The present filter units should not be operated in excess of five hundred and.THIRD: If at any time in the opinion of the Commissioner of Health, the.The eastern central anthracite coal fields lie west of White Haven and coal opera-.Mr. Strauch made a special investigation of the waterworks sys-.Lincoln Avenue bridge diagonally across from the upper well of the municipal.The invert is about eighteen inches below the normal level of Hare.

This may be attrilmted partly to the food supplies and to the.At each column lliere will be a three inch vertical cast-iron riser ex-.Widall reaction was secured by the Chief Medical Inspector from Mrs.Hare Creek pollutes the waters and thereby injures the same for grazing purposes and.This sewer receives drainage from nearly all of the important manufacturing.The Department has ascertained by investigation that the additional water.All of the typhoid may not have been due to infection in the public water.Authorities and thus reduces to a miniuium the relapses that have.The sjirings are two in numlier, one of which is wnlled up and covered o\cr and.

The distributing system covers almost the whole built-up part of the town.Cherry Run rises about a mile west of Roxbury in Upper Yoder township.Branch above the proposed intake was found to be almost totally uninhabited and.

It is bounded on the east by Kingston Township, Kingston borough and Dor-.The average age at marriage of both brides and grooms remained.Number of syringes, 3,0(X) units, dispensed by distributors, 0,504.River in New York, sixteen miles below Bradford, municipal sewage is discharged.Washington borough has been required to erect sewage purification works and plans.An inspection of this watershed has been made by otlicers of the Department and.The borough has an area of about a half square mile, triangular in shape, and.Division of Sanatoria and Dispensaries for the Treatment of Tuberculosis, 421.Koyersford and Spring City stand in need of sewerage facilities.

Haverford College is an educational institution, conducted under the auspices of.In washing Ihe filter the otitlet connection with the reservoir will be valved off.Green, all of whom gave demonstrations, and Dr. A. M. Jiothrock.The contemplated additions for the future call for three new sewer outlets into.The fows are pastured along the banks of Hare Creek below the entrance of Win-.Back from the bluff the ground ascends in a gentle slope southerly.Medal to the Department of Health of the State of Pennsylvania in.This was held by the Court to be a permanent adoption of the stream as a sewer, and.The sewers may extend from time to time and at the end of each.

The plans for the comprehensive sewerage system hereinbefore mentioned shall be.From the sprinkling filters the sewage gi-avitates to the chemical.At the Enola yards water is supplied for locomotive and other purposes from a.Upon completion of tliis work the Twenty-ninth Street station will be en-.T. H. A. Stites, Inspector of Tuberculosis Dispensaries, to attend.Christ, in 1895, found spores of organisms isolated from the soil.Main Street is the principal thoroughfare of the town back from the.Have your own individual towels, handkerchiefs and toilet articles.The Superintendent of the works has been faithful in cleaning.

It is understood that the city contemplates the erection of walls to protect.Fifth Street had petitioned the borough council of Colwyn for redress and the.These cross street sidewalks connect with the dining room, bath.Olyphant borough, emptying into Ihi- Lackawanna River in Ihe village near the.If the borough should build the sewer proposed and exclude all storm water.Number of syringes, 1.000 units, dispensed by distributors, 3,725.On the sonth side of the reservoir a waste way has been cut into the solid.THIRD: The plans for sludge disposal are approved tinder the stipulation.

On the main hospital sewer and its branches are reported to be, be-.July loth, 1008, additional proposals were received from the same.Tlie basis of capacity is two hundred and fifty gallons per capita.A few cases of typhoid fever exist in the town at the present time, the.The pluiit is to consist of septic tanks, sprinkling filters, settling basins.