This letter feels like an example of that.Almost like Github needs someone to stand up for it in light of some meanies picking on it.Heaven help the tourist in a hurry who gets an asbo for not maximizing the carrying capacity of tube escalators.I have no idea why someone would buy electronic paper signage whose image has to be provided to the manufacturer and which can not be changed later.They had identified him as a convicted felon with a drug related offense and connected the money to it. 6 known.I had the same idea a few years ago but never got around to it.I love this summary, it really touches on all the core issues.Techniques that are useful for reshaping and summarizing one dataset are not necessarily applicable to another.

So it isthe life we receive is not short, but we make it so, nor do we have any lack of it, but are wasteful of it.Sounds like a lot of these features are sorely needed at the moment.From having 70% women college students, to hybrid system of government.You could go crazy dwelling on this stuff too much. 88 heraclez.Hype-driven products like BlackPhone misrepresent their devices as being perfectly secure when this significant attack vector is completely unmitigated.Nothing beautiful about it. 36TB FreeNAS Home Server Build 201 points by sengork.However, by not standardizing, we lock out all sorts of non-mainstream clients form accessing content.

Yes, the scales dropped from my eyes as I realized just how unglamorous startup life can be and the unfailable pg started to, well, fail.When it looked like that wasnt going to pan out, he created Bitcoin XT where Decisions are made through agreement between Mike and Gavin, with Mike making the final call if a serious dispute were to arise. Like and Subscribe! Tags: bitcoin, hack, blockchain, invest,.Not sure if GitHub will ever consider allowing users to disable pull requests though.So the claim that Hearn not being able to take over decision making power for the bitcoin community is evidence that bitcoin has failed seems to show something slightly different.That can help, say, if at 3 AM drive to the post office to deposit a letter -- the local police will just remember who you are and relax.I appreciate how specific and detailed you were in your feedback.I remember sitting in a tiny conference room at during the first Boston BarCamp in 2006 and listening to this kid from RIT give a talk to maybe 15 of us about his new library called jQuery.

I have had a different project idea for such a thing for several years now, but the wait continues.Google Groups sucks for moderation, and I THINK you could probably make something awesome.Hopefully the investors in this industry can take the reigns away from China. 60 mahouse.I would say this is even more a relief for the eyes, as not only blue colors become warm but all the white that is the background color for most everything becomes just dark.Every word in the sentence was masked, except for the word the participant would be focusing on at that moment.Planners know that a problem is approaching, a problem created willingly by infrastructure improvements elsewhere.Also: this is a really great example of why you should never have undocumented features in your code. 20 mag00.

But when it is squandered in luxury and carelessness, when it is devoted to no good end, forced at last by the ultimate necessity we perceive that it has passed away before we were aware that it was passing.If I recall correctly the outputs were prohibitively large, among other issues.

Nothing you do is extremely consequential or important regardless.The systems security of modern phones is surprisingly complex.The decision of joining a startup should not be money return.At least, my understanding is that he recently began working for a group that competes with Bitcoin in trying to connect traditional banks and (non-Bitcoin) blockchain technology.You may say that Twitter has been beaten with a bat by Wall St, but they are still worth 12 billion dollars.

Package Weight* Description; alignak_checks_glances 0.2.2: 9: Alignak - Checks pack for monitoring hosts with Glances: amlang 1.0.0: 9: Small and simple expression.I just created and maintain a little Android library (a very rewarding experience by the way) so most of the complaints about Github doesnt really apply to me because the size and reach of my project (I understand the point perfectly though).Making an issue or a pull request feels like having a casual chat with the project maintainers.Mike leaving the bitcoin community has little impact on the future success or failure of bitcoin. 32 LifeQuestioner.I wonder if perhaps nothing is bullshit or meaningful after all.GitHub has done some GREAT things because it has built up critical mass, but because it has gotten critical mass and has become a defacto standard, does have some obligation to keep up with demand.

Experience simply plays this game of light and shadow to keep us entertained. 39 omarish.Netflix faces two threats: 1) economic loss from foreign subscribers canceling their subscription because location spoofing no longer works, and 2) economic loss from rights-holders suing Netflix for a negligently insufficient blocking system.Based on pictures from that time period, but politics got really ugly.They are not some sacred thing to be protected. 22 wereHamster.

His charisma showed in his MDOP contributions and he always seemed destined for something big.One can disguise a flaw here as debugging stuff left over or whatever.There has been substantial revisionist history practiced by the guilty and their defenders and the more time passes since the crash the fuzzier memory becomes.They are big car manufacturers e.g. They have more scientific output than the whole Arab world combined.


It is a country full of all political stripes like anywhere else.I love this essay, and I love the mindset of being aware that your life is limited and your time should not be wasted.We banned this account for trolling and detached this subthread from and marked it off-topic. 92 crimsonalucard.This technology continues to evolve and we are evolving with it.In particular, that the police believe that someone is acting suspiciously is nothing like justification for such confiscation.