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Electric vehicles are at the stage of the Model T Ford, and it is not Evil Oil keeping it there.

In my mind over unity is simply a better way of using electricity to create a better generator.That would be the easyest to hook up but i want to build a 48v.130 years ago Nikola Tesla invented and patented an energy generator. Quantum free energy isn’t taught at University and most designers have. Metabunk. Home.You will find this takes a lot of your elbow grease (energy) to accomplish this.So a little background on the guy I used for a picture: his name is Nikola Tesla, he was born on July 10 1856, he died on January 7 1943, he was born in the Austrian empire.A magnetic motor will have to be huge to run a generator that would put a load out for a home.

Very few people who are interested in magnetic motors are convinced by mere words.Ignore the laws of physics and use common sense when looking at a device (e.g. magnetic motors) that promises unending power.You should at least learn a few laws of physics before saying we do not need to modify them.Rob Fritz, i have never heard the term Spat The Dummy before, i am guessing that means i called you a dummy but i never did.Mu-metal, while a good sheild is not the ultimate in sheilding for the purposes we are all looking for.Everyone should have such a place to escape to when they are perturbed by the stresses of everyday life.

We are all capable of self delusion to the point that we cannot see the obvious.Fritz and his investors can get a return on their investment.Although he failed to build an efficient and powerful yet simple motor, he did give a hint as to how such a motor could be built.Let us speculate that we can build a unit that is 80% efficient.I am going to have a play with the drive magnet set up and make it like the one in the brass wheel u tube version that dan sent me (u know the one dan with the adjustable magnets on top).Free Energy Generator coil used for electric magnet motor rotation and. Diy solar cells for sale energy audit program,home wind turbine house window design...

Incredible Scientist Makes Free Energy Perpetual Motion

The longer you continue the more it slows until it is no longer moving.

On the subject of shielding i know that all it will do is rederect the feilds.They will not produce energy to heat the house, or make coffee, or run the car.Would it be realizable for the duration of one month only (for a beginner).Surinder Singh yes. everything is possible in this universe. free energy is already in our world.No one anywhere in the world has ever gotten a magnetic motor to run, let alone power anything.FREE ENERGY GENERATOR FOR SALE SCAM Be Aware!! (Thanks Vida em Silicio) - Duration: 7:15. Skeptical Open-mind 4,520 views.If a car is running and you hook a batery charger up to it the alt thinks the battery is charged and stops charging, or if you put jumper cables from another car on and both of them are running then the two keep switching back and forth because they read the power from each other.Any ideas about spiral proprtions would be greatly appreciated.

I have never laughed so hard reading a serious set of postings.Education keeps people dumbed down in an era where energy is big money and anything seen as free is a threat.Therefore you could have all in paralell for 12v. 2 in series and then 1in parallel to those 2 for 24v.Thats how aerials work and the radio amp increases the electrical signal picked up.

Selfrunning Free Energy Muller Motor Generator from User RomeroUK powering a 20 Watts bulb Edited by Stefan Hartmann for a machanic i have learned over the years the the less moving parts in any machine the better.There is another way to make it work while the generator is horizontal but requires more moving parts and different sized magnets aligned from biggest to smallest and an apposing magnet that provides the push to move back and forth at the correct time.Troyota Hi all, I am curious, are there ANY working models of motors that produce more energy than they use.Once you get a rotor spinning fast enough you can draw bursts of high energy (i.e. if it is powering a generator) and people often quote the high volts and amps as the overall power output.But I would like to see, If Gene can build one, that actually produce usable electricity continuously.

Also from now on i will only talk to those that are having fun with this and working to make the magnetic motor a reality.While I agree with Geoff Fritz that there are too many conspiracy people out there, I can see where it would be possible that some of their claim have merit.If you think you can build it, be careful, dont want you to break your arm or hand, this is not like building a small magnetic motor.Gene Hi Geoff I only posted that one on u tube to have a go at putting something on u tube and to also show everybody some things i was trying.But what would happen then to millions of people around the World, who make their living from the now existing energy industry.Will just run it from charged capacitor to begin and see how long it lasts G Fritz Gene, Better to ignore the ZPE and just call it what it is.